An Overview Of Orlando

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The City of Orlando is a large metropolitan region in the center of Florida. It offers excellent real estate prices, schools, recreational activities and numerous opportunities for family and work life. Use the following information as an overview of Orlando and choose a real estate agent to schedule a visit to the city.

Home Prices in Orlando

There are over 100 neighborhoods to choose from in Orlando, each with its own unique residential profile. The most popular neighborhoods include Meadow Woods, College Park, Metro West, Pine Hills and Lake Nona, which have very affordable homes on average. Other neighborhoods such as Carver Shores and Holden/Parramore also have relatively cheap homes, so they are now the up and coming choice neighborhoods in Orlando.

A wide range in home prices exists in Orlando, with the average price in a neighborhood like Kirkman North is $2 million, while the average in Pine Hills is about $57,000. This means that with the right real estate agent, you can find the perfect home at any budget when choosing from the hundreds of alternatives in the area.

More specifically, the most common type of home in Orlando is the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, and depending on where you look, this house can go for anything from $150,000 to $300,000. A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house can go for $30,000, a very affordable price compared to many other regions in the state of Florida, and in the rest of the country.

Orlando is governed, despite the high population, by 1 school district, the Orange County Public School District, covering 232 schools from PK-12. The best public schools in the area include Nap Ford Community School, Lake Como Elementary School, Legacy Middle School, Memorial Middle School, and Boon High School. These are according to parents ratings of the schools, applauding not only their performance but also their childrens all-round development and support.

There are private and Christian schools in Orlando as well, such as Beryl Wisdom Adventist School, Orlando Junior Academy, Azalea Park Baptist School, Edgewood Ranch Academy and the Crenshaw School. Many other excellent schools are available to choose from, so a visit to Orlando should include a school tour for families looking to relocate to the area.

Orlando Attractions and Recreation

If you or your family members are interested in the film business, Orlando is the place to be. It is also known as Hollywood East because of the numerous film studios in the area, so acting, music and other performance arts are aplenty. The studios also make for a great tour destination where one gets to see where their favorite movies and cartoons were created.

As for shopping, Orlando has about 5 major up market shopping malls, including the Florida Mall, The Mall at Millennia and Waterford Lakes Town Center, among others. In these places you will find everything from doctors offices, restaurants, movie theatres, skate parks and everything in between. Remember that these are only the major shopping centers in Orlando, so there are plenty more retail areas to shop from.

Sports in Orlando

When sports in Orlando is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for sports enthusiasts is the Orlando Magic basketball team. However, there are many other sports played in major and minor leagues in Orlando, such as football, ice hockey, baseball and golf. Most of these sports are incorporated into school curriculums for little league games for students in Orlando.

From the above information, one can tell that Orlando is ideal for metropolitan life, which combined with good schools and affordable homes, makes this city the ideal place to live. Contact an Orlando real estate agent to learn more about this beautiful place and plan your move today.
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An Overview Of Orlando

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This article was published on 2011/02/03